The young man that has been at the center of another Local eSports issue now speaks out his side regarding allegations and other reports.

Robert “Trebor” Mansilungan former mid laner of team Wargods League of Legends and now the Jungler of Team Manila Aguilas, the young man that has been under fire lately due to a recent eSports issue involving him and both his previous and current handlers takes a seat down with TNC eSports through an online interview as we get his side of the story.

The Team Transfer and a delay in returning what needs to be returned

The issue sparked with a public call of attention by Trebor‘s previous handlers, WarGods Pro Gaming Team, in regards to the return of the borrowed set of Gaming Gears.

The announcement above was posted back in October 11, 2014 by the WarGods management, but for how long was this actually delayed? A copy of the chatlog dating back from September 23, 2014, shows the following:


WG: It will be much more okay for you.

Robert: Yes sir, I do apologize

WG: Okay Bert, good luck, thank you too

Robert: Thank you sir, I will return the gears once I get back to Morayta

WG: Okay, just leave them in the counter

Do note that this chatlog also shows that Trebor did in fact ask for permission prior to him leaving WarGods and joining Manila Eagles, we also asked Trebor if there were any talks with MLE before he asked permission to leave WarGods, and he states that it was his brother MLE.Chock that helped pave way for his entry to MLE when he left WarGods. Manila Aguilas readily accepted Trebor knowing that h4t3 also left the team even before the September Leg of the TNC eSports Cup 2014 – League of Legends.

Another inquiry regarding the return of gears, also took place just this October 2, 2014, shown in the copy of the chatlog submitted by Trebor below:

Translation: WG: Trebor, Sir Ryan said that you need to return the TTeSports Bag, you can just leave it at the counter

Robert: Aw okay, we were told before that even if we leave we can keep the bag but the gears still need to be returned

Another public notice regarding the return of the said gears was also made by Trebor‘s previous handlers, and a screenshot of the said announcement is shown below:

While all of the screenshots could be used as proof regarding the delay of the returned gears, Trebor states that he did say that he will return the said gears once he drops by the Wargods Internet Cafe branch in Morayta, as what was initially agreed upon.


Robert: I was told by sir [Ryan] before to leave them at the counter, in Wargods, my reply was I will drop by if there are any tournaments in Morayta to return the gears.

Trebor did admit his fault and apologized for the said delay, stating that he did not have the time or money, knowing his tight schedule of both being a gamer and a student, to return the gears right away.


Robert: I know it got delayed and I do apologize since I didn’t really had the time and money, and there were no on-going tournaments in Morayta during those times.

The issue about the gears is now resolved, and the MLE management stated that the said gears are now in the care of Garena Philippines, ready to be returned to the WarGods Management. The management of MLE has already issued a public apology via online post, in regards to this issue.

Allegations of Account Sharing

An allegation of Account Sharing or using borrowed accounts in a Prestige Tournament also involved

Trebor became a suspect in the Account Sharing allegation knowing that he did not show up to play with his former team WarGods League of Legends during the day of the tournament. To his defense Trebor states that he was not permitted to leave and attend the event by his father, due to his habit of staying up late:


Robert: Just like what I said to WarGods before, I was not given permission to leave by my father. I was up late for 5 days traight, and my dad was so angry that I was not permitted to play. I did not play for MLE during TNC.

Now the question is, did Trebor advise his team that he will not be playing during that day? Trebor tells us that he did tell his teammate Zeus Lee that he will not be able to play with his team, and submits us a copy of the chat log which is translated below:

Chat Log Copy (Warning, long post):


Zeus: I won’t be able to play later

Robert: I can’t play now, Suez, you play

Zeus: Why? It’s my sibling’s birthday, I can’t be there

Robert: You play mid, my dad’s angry

Zeus: I won’t be there, hahaha

Robert: ****, I can’t play

Zeus: Damn, haha

Robert: Dad’s mad at me

Zeus: Why?

Robert: Haha

Zeus: What did you do? You’re always up late, always playing late

Robert: I was up late for 5 days straight

Zues: See, you failed again didn’t you?

Robert: Then I’ll be staying up late again

Zeus: Hahaha

Robert: He says I’m getting too thin, haha

Zeus: Haha, ****, you should eat more, look at me and Otchi…

Robert: There were no classes for 5 days because of the Storm

Zeus: …we’re both fat

Robert: You play okay

Zeus: ****, it’s my brother’s birthday, I’ll be leaving. wait, I’ll try, what time is TNC?

Robert: 1, 12 or 1

Zeus: Okay, I’ll catch up then

Robert: I’ll be taking a rest, I’ll sleep later

Zeus: Get fat bert,

Robert: Haha, ****

Zeus: I was like that before, I even get get pissed if I remember how I look, I look like an addict.

Robert: Haha, ****, just play Zeus, you’ll have be given an Isurus

Zeus: What Isurus?

Robert: Earphone, if the team wins

Zeus: You’ll give me one?

Robert: Sir will be giving one to the whole team if we win

Zeus: Okay, I’ll go to church by 11 first then I’ll head towards there.

Perhaps the problem here is that Trebor somehow failed to directly notify the management about him not being able to play for the said tournament, causing the allegations about Account Sharing , furthermore, the allegations also rooted due to some similarities in Champion choices and hotkey designation of summoner abilities. But team MLE, although proving the issue about Account Sharing states that it was in fact Knut that used h4t3‘s account, a claim that came straight from MLE’s players. Currently we are still waiting for confirmation from Zeus if he was able to inform the WarGods management in regards to Trebor not being able to attend or play for WarGods League of Legends during the said event.

As to why Trebor chose to notify his team mate rather than the management directly, Trebor states that it has already been the norm of the team itself so he was confident enough that the management will also know of his excuse through the way of his teammate.


Robert: That was the only way of notifying the team that I made, since my other teamates also do the same.

An Apology for Misconduct

Robert “Trebor” Mansilungan admits his fault regarding the issue concerning Attitude and Professional misconduct, due to his tone of answering a Facebook post, concerning the return of the gears. In the said post, Trebor was talking directly to WarGods head Anthonette Lai, and was also condemned not only by the community but also by some of their sponsors and personnel from Leaguepedia themselves.

The Screenshot links of the said post can be viewed on the following links:

Trebor issues a personal apology, by the way of us, admitting his fault:


Robert: I admit, I was wrong regarding the tone of my answers and I would like to ask for an apology. I thought that everything was okay back then since we were talking through chat then suddenly I got tagged on the status. I felt ashamed during that time since it seemed like I will not be returning the gears when in fact I am planning to return them.

Robert: I just didn’t have the time, but I said that I will return it once there will be a tournament in Morayta so I could just drop them there.

Due to him also being a student, and still under strict check by his father, it would seem that Trebor‘s only excuse in leaving home is when he attends his classes or participate in tournaments. Robert “Trebor” Mansilungan admits for being at fault when it comes to the case of Professional Behavior but denies his involvement in the Account Sharing allegations.

Currently, he is under temporary sanction from participating in any event by TNC eSports and, as the management of TNC eSports and is also reviewing and doing its part of investigating this issue. As part of the Account Sharing report, MLE player Elvis “Knut” Zhao is also placed under temporary sanction.

A complex issue that seem to have its deep roots, TNC eSports and aims to help fully resolve the issue, again our organization believes that everyone in the PH e-sports community should do their part in order to achieve greater heights, and that everyone involved, from the teams, the organizations, and even the fans, should take part in making these dreams a reality.

The TNC eSports and management will be discussing this issue again, as to make sure that this will be handled properly, part of our aim is to not only have this case resolved professionally but to help in preventing this from happening again in the future. The management will also be looking into its Tournament Rules and Regulations for all of its gaming titles to make it resonate with the International Guidelines, not only for the games but also for everyone involved, from teams, players, other organizers and company partners.