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Why “Sonic And The Black Knight” May Surpass “Sonic Unleashed”

October 20, 2020

Sonic Unleashed, a recently released and highly anticipated action platforming game, was...

Video Game Buying Guide

October 1, 2020


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Why “Sonic And The Black Knight” May Surpass “Sonic Unleashed”

October 20, 2020

Sonic Unleashed, a recently released and highly anticipated action platforming game, was...

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Transforming Manhattan’s Most Famous Street

‘He took me for his housemaid,’ she said to herself as she ran. ‘How surprised he’ll be when he finds out who I am! But I’d better take him his fan and gloves—that is, if I can find them.’ As she said this, she came upon a neat little house, on the door of which was a bright brass plate with the name ‘W. RABBIT’ engraved upon it. She went in without knocking, and hurried upstairs, in great fear lest she should meet the real Mary Ann, and be turned out of the house before she had found the fan and gloves.

Increase Of Difficulty Of Bitcoin Cash Causes Hashrate Migration Towards Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Cash mining charts for today do not look as promising as in the past. The processing power of this network, which yesterday reached a historical maximum, today falls vertiginously in its graphs to migrate towards Bitcoin mining.

If you will learn how to buy shiba inu coin, then there is reduction in the difficulty of trading at the exchange. There is the availability of many profits for the people. Along with it, the mining of the currencies are also possible for the people at the licensed and reputed site. 

From the Bitcoin Cash bifurcation on August 1st of this year, a specific Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm was implemented – qualified as an emergency – aimed at the survival of Bitcoin Cash as a minority network and, initially, with very low processing power. This algorithm gave rise to disproportionate variations in the Bitcoin Cash mining problem (that is, in the probability of finding the hash that validates the mined block) causing it to rise and fall intermittently. This has had various consequences for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Taking advantage of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash sharing the same mining algorithm, a practice of intermittent migrations between one chain and another was consolidated to, in a way, always play with the winning team. Each time the Bitcoin Cash mining reset decreased, the Bitcoin miners moved their processing power to Bitcoin Cash to generate currencies faster and thus increase their profits. On the contrary, when the difficulty increased again, they returned to Bitcoin mining, which offered them the mining of a higher-priced cryptocurrency. So much so that Chinese mining pools such as ViaBTC and AntPool developed intelligent mining services that calculated the level of difficulty of both blockchains in order to make automatic migrations to the chain that offered higher profits.

As a result, Bitcoin’s blockchain was saturated with transactions waiting for confirmation due to the unexpected decrease in hashrate – slowing block generation time and increasing the price of transaction fees – and Bitcoin Cash began to create currencies at a much higher rate. to your expectations of controlled inflation. While both blockchains were designed with a view to mining 6 blocks per hour, Bitcoin Cash could jump from confirming 1 block every four hours, to 61 blocks per hour , as happened on October 12 .

During the recent days of November this practice became more acute. There was an exponential growth in the mining power of the Bitcoin Cash network, as well as in its price. It seems that, foreseeing the changes that would result from the update of your network today -which eliminated the Algorithm of Emergency Adjustment of Difficulty-, specifically changes such as the stabilization in the times of creation of coins, adding to this the inflated increase in the prices of Bitcoin Cash – which went from $ 995 to $ 2,446 in just over 24 hours due to an alleged market manipulation – many miners moved their processing power to this network. The hashrate took a leap from 0.83 exahashes, to a maximum of 6.84 exahashes for November 12.

Inevitably, this had consequences on the difficulty of Bitcoin Cash, which, in its latest adjustment, reached unprecedented levels since its launch, reaching 522.4627 G just the day of updating its network.

With this scenario in the mining of Bitcoin Cash, and having decreased its price to $ 1,359 at the time of writing with a downward movement of 4.31%, a new hashrate migration has taken place but this time in the direction of Bitcoin. While Bitcoin Cash declined in its processing power to 0.52 exahashes per second, Bitcoin jumped from 3.33 exahashes to 10.25 exahashes per second. However, they soon reversed this movement. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash processes 1.05 exahashes per second, while Bitcoin drops to 9.13 exahashes per second.

With the recent bifurcation of the bifurcation it could be believed that the days of intermittent migrations have ended. It should be remembered that thanks to this new update, the Bitcoin Cash mining problem will update each block mined according to the current hashrate for that moment, expecting a block addition every 10 minutes. If the adjustment of the Bitcoin Cash mining problem remains stable, the miners would have no economic reasons to jump from one blockchain to another.

Many have claimed that Bitcoin Cash, rather than a solution to scalability, is a cryptocurrency created for political purposes. After this update, this may be a time when the hashrate of the Bitcoin ecosystem will take a position, rather than monetary reasons, for ideological reasons. However, just today the bifurcation was made, so we will have to wait to see if these intermittent migrations of processing power will continue to occur.

Why “Sonic And The Black Knight” May Surpass “Sonic Unleashed”

Sonic Unleashed, a recently released and highly anticipated action platforming game, was met with heavy criticism from reviewers. For those who don’t know, Sonic is a lightning fast blue hedgehog, and has been around since the days of the Sega Genesis system.

Though the original three Sonic games are genuine classics, the franchise has fallen into a bit of a decline lately. Though many people’s hopes were reignited with the announcement of Sonic Unleashed, which boasted of quality graphics and gameplay, these hopes were shattered to many people when the game’s many flaws were exposed during play.

However, Sega is still moving. The Wii exclusive game Sonic and the Black Knight will be coming out this March, and it looks like it just may be a game that succeeds in a few vital areas where Sonic Unleashed failed.

The first area, from what I can see, may be that of storyline. For the longest time Sonic games have been about the game’s antagonist, Dr. Robotnik, attempting to take over the world. Most of the time there was never much of a twist or irony, it was just that Robotnik is back and he’s trying to take over the world again; with few exceptions.

Sonic and the Black Knight, however, follows the storybook sidestory of Sonic, were Sonic is teleported to some alternate dimension where he must defeat a bad guy and return that realm to peace. In Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic is summoned by the wizard Merlina in her time of great need, and Sonic saves her, much to the distaste of who happens to be the bad guy this time around: the Black Knight.

Second area that I think may be greatly superior to that of Sonic Unleashed is the combat. Reviewers have criticized Sonic Unleashed for its levels when Sonic turns into a “werehog”, a slow lumbering beast that reportedly cripples the game in many ways.

The Sonic franchise has always been about speeding through levels and making sonic booms, so to remove that speed seems almost analogous to making Super Mario Bros. level in which you cannot jump. Sonic and the Black Knight takes a different approach to combat, as Sonic wields a long sword and slices through his enemies whilst speeding through each level. Not only does Sonic look super cool when using a sword, but he can engage in combat without stopping and drastically slowing the pace of the game.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, Sonic Team has shared that they are placing special emphasis on the motion controls. In the Wii port of Sonic Unleashed, much of the time the motion controls merely got in the way, and the Gamecube controller was prefferable. This is often the norm when third-party games are ported to Wii, but Sonic and the Black Knight will be a Wii exclusive that will play to the Wii system’s strengths.

For ages gamers have been waiting for the great quality of Sonic games we all know and love. If they play their cards right, perhaps Sonic and the Black will be one step toward the greatness that Sega once knew.

New War Dragons Hack And Cheats

If yesterday we talked about War Robots, today it is about flying beasts. Getting all the legendary dragons can be hard if you don’t spend real money. Just as with all the latest mobile games, the difference is that this one is actually a good game. And that makes the War Dragons hack something that many people need. By using this generator you’ll be able to get unlimited rubies and egg tokens, and having unlimited rubies means having unrestricted access to anything. This is a great deal for all the players that want to actually enjoy the game, rather than struggle to gather rubies. It is very easy to use and there is no download required, everything runs online, in your browser.

The generator can be accessed through the button below. There’s also a set of instructions for the tool, found at the bottom of the article. They are not really necessary, as this thing is very easy to use, but just in case. All of the resources generated are permanent and are added to the account in a matter of minutes.


Game review, tips and tricks

Seeing nations go to war is something that no one will ever want. However, wouldn’t it be an epic spectacle to behold if you see an army of dragons soaring through the skies and drowning the earth in flames?

Thankfully, you can dive into this experience without bringing death and destruction to the planet by playing War Dragons. True to its name, this strategy game for Android and iOS brings epic dragon versus dragon action to its players.

In addition, it is not just the epic fight sequences that will get you hooked on this game. You also get to breed your own dragon and raise them up to become your loyal companion in the battlefield. This app successfully combined a lot of genres to create an immersive experience that’s not that complex, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

War Dragons hack

Below is a preview of the tool. Currently it is limited to rubies and egg tokens, but that’s okay, as you’ll be able to buy the lumber and food you need. Free rubies means free everything, so it will probably stay like this. As for safety, the developers are constantly tweaking the algorithm behind this thing. So far there have’t been any reports of accounts getting banned after using it. Which means it is pretty safe to assume that it runs undetectable. The developers were also very clear that this generator will only be available online. So if you download any War Dragons apk hack, it won’t be this tool.


The War Dragons for smartphone is a real-time strategy game featuring flying, fire-breathing reptiles. But before you can take them to the skies, of course you have to hatch and breed them first.

This game is not a cutesy rip-off of How to Train Your Dragon. This title is filled with carnage, so it is more similar to Reign of Fire or Sucker Punch. You have to befriend your dragon while it is still growing up, but your main objective is to turn it into an efficient weapon that can lay waste to cities.

The setting of this game is set on an island that acts as your headquarters and town simulator. Part of your routine includes constructing buildings for micro managing your resources. Examples include the dragon nursery, farming sites, and defensive towers.

Town simulator

The mechanics of the game’s town simulator is similar with Clash of Clans and the hundreds of clones that it gave birth to. You need to strategically organize your base, lest you get destroyed by other nearby dragon riders. It might take a while before a tower gets completed, which is a bummer if your base is not yet fully fortified.

The town simulator doesn’t bring anything new to CoC’s town simulator. However, that’s understandable because this is just one minor facet of the entire franchise. But it matters, and in order to upgrade your town properly and speed things up you’ll rubies. And there’s where the War Dragons hack comes in, once again.

Early game

You start out with a single player campaign that also acts as a tutorial. Afterwards, the real fight begins. The War Dragons Android game is a hybrid of three genres, and as such, its gameplay is divided into:

Tower Defense – Your early levels can be quite difficult as you only start with a sheep farm, a lumber mill, and one inexperienced dragon. Other nearby islands will try to attack you, but you can fend them off with an archer’s tower. As you progress through each level, you can gain stronger weapons and towers. You will also be able to explore new lands where your dragon can spread its wings.

Breeding and fighting

War – Your dragon cannot advance if you do not let it fly and raid other islands. Destroying cities gives him experience points that it can use to gain new skills and attributes. The mechanics of the War Mode is similar to classic arcade shooters, except this one is in 3D. You can control the dragon while it’s up in the air and destroy nearby bases with a set of skills. However, the challenge here is you do not have unlimited ammo. An energy bar shows how much firepower you have left, and it has a cool down period once it’s empty.

Breeding – Aside from the fighting, another interesting aspect of this game is the breeding. Once your dragon reaches higher levels, it can find a mate and produce more fire-breathing lizards for you. There are nine basic types of dragons that you can start with. However, these creatures can interbreed, producing newer types that are more powerful. The good thing about the dragons is that their designs are quite varied. You have the Western type that you’re familiar with, thanks to Game of Thrones, but there are also the slender, serpentine ones from Asian folklore. Even though it’s easy to get all the best dragons by using the War Dragons cheats, I suggest that you take it slowly. Only add rubies and breed new dragons when you feel like you’re stuck or bored.

Social aspects

Despite borrowing various tropes from different gaming genres, this title is enjoyed by its player base because of its convenience. While waiting for your towers to be built, you can simply drop the game for a while and tend to your ordinary, real-world tasks. But if you want to progress with the game quickly, you can fly your dragon and destroy other cities.

The War Dragons iOS Apple game is also replete with different social features. For starters, you can join a guild that can protect you from large-scale invasions. When you are in a guild, you get to participate in bigger events and group raids, allowing you to obtain more loot. By being part of a guild, you contribute to it’s growth, and even though you can’t give other players rubies, the War Dragons hack is still useful. You’ll be able to score high in events and kill bigger bosses, thus getting your guild more loot.

If you want to test your individual mettle, you can also participate in an arena-style PVP. Unfortunately, your dragon needs to have a higher level in order to participate in the PVP. There are also weekly and daily events to keep players coming back for more.


The game is aesthetically appealing. Sure, it’s no Skyrim, but the islands and dragons are drawn in detail. The animation is also top notch, especially once the scaly lizards start fighting.

Regarding the user interface, there are only a few buttons on the screen, allowing you to view the beautiful map easily.

The animation is also smooth because Pocket Gems, the developer, used their proprietary Mattis Engine to create this game. This system can support 3D graphics by only using a tiny memory imprint. This means that it can provide detailed graphics fit for mobile devices. The Mattis Engine is also known for dealing with spotty connection issues when playing multiplayer online.


The War Dragons mobile app has all of the familiar elements from tower defense and even classic arcade games. However, the developers created a unique experience for the players, thanks to the dragon fights and breeding system. There are a lot of events so you won’t easily get bored with it. Even if you use the War Dragons cheats, and unlock everything, there still is lot of stuff to do in the game.

The Mattis Engine is a big help to keep everything smooth online and offline. However, it would be better if the game has more back story about the dragons and why the characters need to wage war with each other. Additional single player campaigns should also be developed to earn more weapons and towers for your base. If you thought burning properties (the fictional one) is a boring way to spend your Friday night, test drive a dragon from this game and you’ll surely change your mind about it.


Access the generator using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;

Insert the e-mail linked to your account;

Select the platform on which you’re playing;

Choose the amount of rubies and egg tokens that you would like to add to your account;

Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;

Restart your game;


Tools For Roblox Hack And Cheats

Getting free robux has never been so easy

Get ready to discover a whole new side of the game with this Roblox generator. Having unlimited money in this game means having access to everything. And having access to everything means more fun. It would take a huge amount of money to try out all the items available in the catalog. But not when you have this tool capable of generating unlimited R$. There are a lot of tips and tricks on how to do this, but most of them work only for small amounts or not at all. But if you’re here already, you probably know all these things, and you just want the solution.

All of the Roblox cheats listed in this article have only recently surfaced on the internet. These were being used by only a small amount of players who were testing them. They have been created by a small team known as DARKZ0NE who worked on other tools as well. The team is pretty new and not very well known, but that means nothing when it comes to coding skills. This program uses a very complex algorithm and it is pretty much undetectable. Now, if you want to learn more about it and even use it, then keep on reading.

The Roblox Hack

The first thing you need to know is that the entire process takes place online. That means that there is no download required and no apk modding. You can open and use the Roblox hack straight from your phone browser. The interface is very friendly and easy to use, that’s why it only takes a couple of clicks to finish the process. Everything is completely safe and puts your account in no danger. While everything may seem rather easy on the frontend, things get a bit more complicated in the backend. That is where the magic happens and where your free robux are being generated and injected into your account. So if you’re eager to hack Roblox, you can access this tool below.


A quick review of Roblox

Are you running out of games to play and you can’t find a single app in the store that you want? Tired of having to download boring apps that don’t give you a thrill? Ever want to play with other people, meet a few, and even have a few rounds of zombie games with you?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to look any further! Introducing Roblox by the Roblox Corporation; a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that is downloadable on your phone and has a ton of community made games! It has Lego-style characters that were mixed with the gameplay from Minecraft. It’s a gaming package all-in-one! The only downside of it being the fact that all the content must be bought, but that’s not a problem now with the Roblox hack.

Not convinced? Don’t frown! Roblox will not disappoint you in the very least. Why? Because it is a game, within a game, to be played, by gamers like yourself! You don’t have to be a hard-core gamer to play it; there are casual games in there too. It is a game originally made for PC version, but with a lot of generosity from its developers, Roblox was finally made into an app for everyone to play.

Kids and adults, play with family!

Offering a myriad of games, Roblox has almost an app-store equivalent in content that is developed by players from the community. It was designed in a Minecraft style feature where everything is in cube forms; the game allows you to do a variety of things – escape, build, fight, solve, or just explore – and allows you to play immediately with other players.

It incorporates a kid-friendly mode where you are required to login into either a guest or a registered account; with a registered account, it is mandatory that you input your date of birth to know whether Roblox will enlist your account as a child or an adult. If you are listed as a child, some games will be unavailable thus making it a child-friendly game; it allows parents to monitor their child’s games, preventing them from purchasing items in the game without their permission. That’s what makes kids the first to search for things like how to hack Roblox.

With that said, it is not limited to just children, but are friendly to adults as well; there are ‘adult-only’ contents in the game itself but are only quite a few. The developers are not aiming for the adult population in general, but are encouraging them to play the game with their families; which is why, each game has a creation feature – making servers that are public or private, only available to certain accounts.

The servers

Each server is limited to a certain number players but is not constricted to just a few. To create a server, you must have a valid account and have paid to be a V.I.P, which is quite expensive for those who do not wish to set up their server. Even though you are free to do anything you want on that server, going with an active server is just about the same experience, but with a little bit more. It is pretty sad that the Roblox hack doesn’t provide the V.I.P. feature. But that doesn’t matter too much when you know how to get free robux.

After testing it firsthand though, it seemed quite a bit slow; it may be because of the internet. With that being said, it was difficult to host a server because the game is heavily reliant on the internet.

Is this Minecraft? Nope!

Roblox emphasizes on its multiplayer function which makes it a little difficult to find a few single player maps. Other than that, unless you have played on the PC, there does not seem to be any kind of tutorial features at the start of the game; once you open the app, it will only ask you if you have an account or if you want to jump right into the game.

If you choose to jump right into it, you will be sent to a page full of maps that are available to you albeit limited. Most of the maps presented are player made and there are a few that are made by the developers; these maps provide a different experience in each game, allowing you a different kind of excitement per game. Unlocking everything else requires you to either spend money or use the Roblox cheats.

However, each game is set with different mechanics and seldom given instructions on how to play. It’s possible to have difficulty trying to play the game because the controls alone are hard to figure out on the mobile version and to know what the goal of each map is also a challenge. Some maps state their mechanics while some have no mechanics at all, allowing you to roam the map and be either decimated or eliminated by other players. And this is where neither the Roblox hack tool or any amount of robux can help you. You have to figure everything yourself.

Interface and characters

Designed to catch your eyes, Roblox features user-friendly interface that is much similar to the app-store that shows you which maps you can play; it even has a filter to help you find the games you want to play and even have the function of bookmarking them. The controls are made up of an analog on the left to move your character and a jump function on the right.

The characters inside the game are like Legos, but what makes them different is that they are not in blocks, but they have curves. Playing on a guest account, you are given a default skin that has a message on the back of your character that tells you to purchase an account if you want to change the skin, just like Minecraft. But unlike Minecraft, you have the ability to add more proportions to your character, to make them fat or even add a hat. Doing all these things will cost though, so make sure you have the Roblox robux hack ready.

Using the Roblox Cheats

Below you have the instructions for the Roblox hack. As I said before, everything is really simple. You select your platform, input your username, select the amount of free robux that you want and you’re good to go. And this might make you skeptical, but there is no need. You can see for yourself that it is that simple. Just access the Roblox robux generator and follow the instructions, you will have all the R$ you need in no time.

Final opinion

Roblox relies on the internet to play since most of its maps are not downloaded, but are merely accessed in the database. It doesn’t appear to have an offline mode where you can play alone, and if you wish to create your own map, the mobile app doesn’t offer such function. Most of the game have other features depending on their creator and may include items that may or may not be useful to you; you may even use them on other characters. The only way to create your own map is if you buy an account and play the PC version of the game. As for hacking Roblox, you have the instruction below, and if you’ve used the Golf Clash hack, then you’ll know what to do.

Overall, the game is brilliant in concept, but somehow it lacks the flexibility to play alone like Minecraft; it doesn’t give you the power to build on certain maps but allows you the feature to hold items and use them against other opponents. The least charming feature is that almost every map asks you to purchase stuff in the map using real money, that you can possible only use one time; this function is a bit disappointing because it doesn’t offer at least a little bit of liberty to play the game to its fullest, or at the very least, give non-paying players a chance to. But since you know how to get free Robux, that does not matter.


Access the generator using the button below or the one at the beginning of the article;

Insert the e-mail linked to your account;

Select the platform on which you’re playing;

Choose the number of robux that you would like to add to your account;

Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;

Restart your game;

Video Game Buying Guide

Buying video games can be a little tiring job as you need to buy a different game for each member of the family. Adults have different gaming choices from the kids and the person who buys the games for the family often falls into dilemma as to what can be expected and which one is appropriate for satisfying the gaming hunger of your family. However, with little care you can buy the right games for your kids, there are many games which encourage physical activity, help children learn new things and bring all the family members together. Here are some guidelines to help you buy the right video games for your family.

  1. Use the ratings on the game pack as a guide

Many games you kid requests you to buy may not be appropriate for their age. The board for educational software rate the game based on the violence, language, the gaming activities etc. This board has a rating for each game that is sold. The ratings are like, “teens”, “mature”, “adults”, “children above 10” etc. Games should be purchased based on the age, games that are rated adult or mature contain, violence, blood, sexual content etc and should only be bought for those 18 and older. So before you buy a game check the gaming package and only buy according to the age.

  1. Let active screen time replace passive screen time

Video games make your kids to stick to the couch or sofas and use only the thumb muscles to play the game. Replace such games where your kids hardly move a muscle with games like dance revolution etc where you kids get more active, they can dance on a mat following the music and follow the beat of the game and actively work out all the muscles in the body. So they can have the fun of gaming and also exercise the body a little rather than lazily lying on the couch and only straining your eyes. There are also games which require stability and balance, play them. These games provide fun and fitness.

  1. Let your kids play educational games

It is not easy to find educational games amongst all the fun filled games. But they are not impossible to find. There are many good educational games available, you just need to search games by titles that include language, science and math development rather than looking around the store for games with specific titles. Include such games in your family’s gaming collections and take the advantage of these games that provide learning experience for your kids. Teach your kids the importance of learning outside the classroom in the form of play. Ask your kid which type of the educational games they would like to play and then next time you shop for a video game, buy one of their choice which could be a fun experience for them and also learn something from it.

  1. Include all the family members in the play

One of the best advantages with games of non-traditional interfaces is that all the family member can play together. To play tennis or bowling they can use Wiimote and Nintendo Wii. So, gaming can no longer be an isolated play activity and all the family members can join in and play together and have loads of fun.

  1. Use the expert advice

Let your children find the best game. Tell them about your guidelines and goals and ask them if you kid knows of such games. When you visit a store and are confused about buying which game is the best one, ask the store manager or sales executives as they are more experienced in these matters and they provide valuable advice and help you choose a good one.

Dead Space 3 Early Access Demo Impressions – Gaming Unwrapped

After playing the Xbox 360 exclusive early access demo, it makes me happy to say Dead Space 3 sticks to its roots, but adds new features like human enemies (Who, evidently, splatter into a bloody mess just like the necromorphs – Yum!), and new mutated enemies. Of all the things that caught my eye back at E3 2012, I have to say Dead Space 3 really intrigued me because of its new focused cooperative capabilities. I was also very happy to later learn that the choice of whether or not I wanted a buddy holding my hand along the way was totally up to me. In the end, the question is: does this demo properly prepare us for the release of Dead Space 3, or is this horror-fest as scary as the new Resident Evil games?

After crashing in what appears to be a space craft, Isaac Clarke finds himself in the snowy wasteland of Tau Volantis. With no sight of living crew members, Clarke must push forward and survive against what lies ahead. The demo allows us to gather up our bearings – as any demo should do – by throwing enemies at us, laying boxes filled with supplies for us to perform the almighty stomp attack, and generally placing us in open areas to just get a sense of the controls again. All of the jumpscares you could ever dream of, as well. Seriously, no matter the volume I put my television at, the sound effects still blast through my speakers. It does well to make the jumpscares really effective.

I’ve been a fan of Dead Space ever since I played the first game, but I’ve never really been terrified by its gameplay. Sure, the jumpscares are abundant and rich in making us, well, jump, but I can’t exactly say Dead Space’s gameplay is any sort of nightmare fuel. That’s why when I heard the head of EA marketing, Laura Miele, said players felt more comfortable playing with a co-op partner than alone, I questioned her seriousness. I’m sure the creative minds of Dead Space 3 are hard at work making the cooperative play much more than adequate, but is co-op something we as players really needed? I bet co-op is something fans mentioned in the past as a want, not a need. It’s almost like, if you were a small child and Laura Miele was your mother, she’s throwing a teddy bear in your hands to take to sleep with you when you don’t even need it – but you may want it. I think I’ll have fun playing with a friend, but I can honestly see myself playing strictly single-player for the majority of the time I’ll spend with Dead Space 3.

The Dead Space 3 demo was a bit on the short side, but it managed to exploit what it is, and what you’ll be seeing if you purchase the full game releasing on February 5th in the U.S. and February 8th for Europe on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. For those of you wanting to check out the demo who don’t have access to the demo now, the public release of the demo will be available to you on Tuesday, January 22nd, the same day the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo comes out. Tell us your thoughts on Dead Space 3 down below in the comments section, especially if you had clearance to the early access demo.

Score Hero Hack Cheats

Becoming a star player doesn’t require money anymore

I’m pretty sure everyone has been at that point where in order to keep playing one would have to either pay or wait for a very long time, with the Score Hero hack such problems are gone. It takes only a few minutes to generate bucks and stars and the process is completely safe. The Score Hero generator is extremely easy to use and user friendly, it also supports all the browsers and can be accessed from anywhere. So if this is what you’re here for, then check it out below. If you want to learn more about Score! Hero then keep on reading as we also made a review of the game and wrote down some tips that make the game more enjoyable.


Score Hero another point of view

About Score! Hero

For fans who want to experience the thrill of a sports career, Score! Hero is probably the best of its genre. Developed by First Touch Games, this pocket sized game is anything but small. With 420 levels and counting, gamers can enjoy this interactive game to their hearts delight.

Score Hero can be downloaded from the App Store and Google play. They have created other successful mobile games such as Score! World Goals and Dream League Soccer. Their games boast amazing graphics and easy to navigate controls. The latest Score! Engine allows more freedom in strategizing as well as increase interaction within the game. It’s no wonder people are looking for a working Score Hero hack, this game has it all, with the only downside being the fact that it asks you to spend money.

With this game, you become the hero of the game as you pass the ball and make goals. You’re responsible for the decisions that win the match for your club.

You vicariously live the thrill of the ups and downs of a football star. From humble, unglamorous beginning to the amazing peaks of stardom, the game is guaranteed to be a joy to play.


Score Hero starts with you creating your character. This includes physical and facial features. Although some of the basic options are free, you will need to use some of your game money or Hero Bux to give your character a unique look such as facial hair. Once your character is created and named, you can start with your exciting career. You begin as an aspiring youth with big football dreams. Your character is integrated into the story line, starting off as a rookie in the club of your choice. You then work your way up by making game winning plays.

Another cool and fantastic element in the game is how news reports of your character’s heroics are shown between certain levels. This just reinforces your characters’ glamorous and exciting career path. You can get to see all these reports easily if you decide to use the Score Hero cheats.

Football Expertise

This game was created with football fans in mind. Now that covers even the ones who don’t know much about the rules of this popular sport. An extensive knowledge of the technicalities of football or soccer is not needed to be able to play successfully. Since most of the match is in a view mode, you only need to analyze the options that you are going to be given at certain parts of the game. It’s a swipe game where you’re responsible for certain plays such as assists and making a goal. Then the rest of the game is played out and you can just watch and enjoy.

If you have ever watched a game before whether on the television or in real life, and have had moments when you wished you could have kicked the ball that made the goal, then this is the game for you. It is almost like being able to warp into the game and make the crucial plays.

Score Hero currently has 420 levels, but with all the success it has been reaping, the developers will surely be adding levels that are more challenging. Score! Hero is a game that’s easy to play but takes a lot of effort to master. With the Score Hero hack though, mastering it has become less time and money consuming.

Each level starts off with your in the season where your club is playing. Your character gets to play once you’ve proven yourself to the coach. When the match begins, you see your team mates run out to the pitch and the game gets paused, this is where you join in. You get to decide the play, and choose which of your team mates you want to pass the ball to. Although options are available, it’s pretty easy to determine which one would be the best player as he is marked by a star.

Game Mechanics

The game plays out after you’ve made a decision. You can then see how your pass affects the game. The view and pass mode continues until you are ready to make a goal.

Each level has three goals that you need to complete. When you complete a goal you get a star, so you earn a maximum of three stars in each level. You get to unlock other levels with the stars that you earn. The goals become more challenging as you progress in the game. For example, level 1 requires two goals and aiming the ball at certain corners while level 2 requires two goals and an assist.

Score Hero Hack

The Score Hero cheats were developed by an unknown team of hackers who decided to make it public just know. This generator could have probably helped a lot of people when the game has launched and everyone was searching on how to hack Score Hero. But it is better that it came later than not at all. As I said before, the tool has one of most friendly user interface, anyone can use it without any problems. There is also no need for any apk modding or things like that, everything runs online, so you won’t have to make any changes to your phone.

Score Hero Format

With a game that follows the candy crush saga format, it’s amazing how much depth you can get from Score! Hero.

Score Hero also allows you to make decisions on your character’s career just like in real life. You can change clubs and represent your country. As you win more awards and trophies, your character’s career also rises to new heights. And with the right strategies, it won’t be long before you get superstar status.

One other feature that gamers enjoy so much is the fact that you can replay your winning moments. You can even share your moments of glory with friends through its link to social media platforms.

The game is quite easy to understand and doesn’t require you to spend a lot of real money in the beginning. You can earn game money or Hero Bux while playing. This will allow you to purchase additional options to make the game more exciting and competitive. This can obviously be simplified by using the Score Hero hack.

Score Hero can be intensely addicting as you live through your character’s exciting football career. It is fast paced and full of challenging goals that leave you certainly craving for more.


Score! Hero’s graphics is probably one of the best in mobile game applications. It is visually pleasing and at par with the latest game consoles available in the market. The game may be pocket size but the graphics are certainly anything but that. The details of the players and the pitch are amazing which makes the matches a delight to watch. With a strong device such as the latest iPhone and android phones, game play will definitely be an enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, Score Hero is a beautiful mobile game that does not compromise quality or game experience. It is a worthwhile download that is guaranteed to keep you entertained and challenged as you beat each level.


Access the Score! Hero hack using the button bellow or the one at the beginning of the article;

Insert the e-mail linked to your device;

Select the operating system on which you’re playing;

Select the amount of hero bucks and stars that you would like to add to your account;

Press the “Start Generator” button and wait for the process to finish;

Restart your game;

Enjoy the free bucks and stars!

First Impression: Resident Evil Revelations

I finally got my hands back onto my 3DS yesterday and this meant only one, very important thing – the Resident Evil: Revelations demo was awaiting me on the Nintendo eShop. After a lengthy battle with the house’s wireless and what felt like the longest download time in the world (Hey, I’m impatient), I was ready to get down to business.

The first thing I noticed was how fantastic Revelations looked. The very brief opening cut scene has Jill Valentine waking in cabin of a ship with an ugly storm raging outside. The way the room lit up to the lightning strikes was perfect and Jill herself looked great. Every detail of her model from her hair right down to the grooves in her catsuit showed. I definitely have to recommend playing Revelations through in 3D which is something coming from me; I rarely use the 3D mode (it gives me headaches and I’m not a fan of having to hold the 3DS just right). It looks awesome in standard 2D, but the 3D is too cool. Maybe I just don’t pay enough attention to handheld gaming because I was completely thrown for a loop at how great this game looked.

Another plus in my book goes to the fact that the controls are nice and simple. I can play PC games like nobodies business, but it’s truly a sad thing to witness when I play fast paced or FPS titles on handhelds and consoles. Pressing Y will put you into ready to fire mode which changes the camera angle from over-the-shoulder to first-person and knife use stays in the over-the-shoulder perspective. Movement is about as basic as it gets and my only complaint is the inability to pivot freely (it makes looking around corners difficult). The release of the second analog stick will likely fix that issue. The touch screen also gets incorporated through “hacking” of doors and even removing the screws from metal plates covering the terminals. Removing the screws happened in real time which gives me a feeling they’ll incorporate the scare of having creatures after you while you’re fumbling with hacking terminals.

Here’s where it gets creepy. The main monsters shown in the demo are pretty grotesque and seem to borrow quite closely to the Regenerators and Iron Maidens of Resident Evil 4. The demo only came in “Normal” difficulty and they were tough mofos to bring down. I ran out of ammo on a couple occasions (even with nearly all head-shots) which was terrifying and relieving. Resident Evil 4 and 5 were pretty generous on ammo which took away some scares and the demo wasn’t quite as kind to me and it made some fights nerve wracking.

All in all I’m impressed. I’m a big Resident Evil fan, but I promise you I’m not biased. I know a bad Resident Evil game when I see one (here’s looking at you, 5) and Revelations isn’t looking to be one of them. It has the eerie, survival horror feel of the classic titles and here’s hoping that it doesn’t wind up too focused on action. I rarely ever pre-order games and this is one of the few titles I went out of my way for- and I’m glad for it!

More than half of businesses that closed during the pandemic won’t reopen

The reviews site has been keeping tabs on closures since March. Businesses can update their status to temporarily or permanently closed on Yelp.
As of August 31, nearly 163,700 businesses on Yelp have closed since March 1, the company said, marking a 23% increase from July 10. Of those, about 98,000 say they’ve shut their doors for good.

Of all closed businesses, about 32,100 are restaurants, and close to 19,600, or about 61%, have closed permanently.