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Becoming a star player doesn’t require money anymore

I’m pretty sure everyone has been at that point where in order to keep playing one would have to either pay or wait for a very long time, with the Score Hero hack such problems are gone. It takes only a few minutes to generate bucks and stars and the process is completely safe. The Score Hero generator is extremely easy to use and user friendly, it also supports all the browsers and can be accessed from anywhere. So if this is what you’re here for, then check it out below. If you want to learn more about Score! Hero then keep on reading as we also made a review of the game and wrote down some tips that make the game more enjoyable.


Score Hero another point of view

About Score! Hero

For fans who want to experience the thrill of a sports career, Score! Hero is probably the best of its genre. Developed by First Touch Games, this pocket sized game is anything but small. With 420 levels and counting, gamers can enjoy this interactive game to their hearts delight.

Score Hero can be downloaded from the App Store and Google play. They have created other successful mobile games such as Score! World Goals and Dream League Soccer. Their games boast amazing graphics and easy to navigate controls. The latest Score! Engine allows more freedom in strategizing as well as increase interaction within the game. It’s no wonder people are looking for a working Score Hero hack, this game has it all, with the only downside being the fact that it asks you to spend money.

With this game, you become the hero of the game as you pass the ball and make goals. You’re responsible for the decisions that win the match for your club.

You vicariously live the thrill of the ups and downs of a football star. From humble, unglamorous beginning to the amazing peaks of stardom, the game is guaranteed to be a joy to play.


Score Hero starts with you creating your character. This includes physical and facial features. Although some of the basic options are free, you will need to use some of your game money or Hero Bux to give your character a unique look such as facial hair. Once your character is created and named, you can start with your exciting career. You begin as an aspiring youth with big football dreams. Your character is integrated into the story line, starting off as a rookie in the club of your choice. You then work your way up by making game winning plays.

Another cool and fantastic element in the game is how news reports of your character’s heroics are shown between certain levels. This just reinforces your characters’ glamorous and exciting career path. You can get to see all these reports easily if you decide to use the Score Hero cheats.

Football Expertise

This game was created with football fans in mind. Now that covers even the ones who don’t know much about the rules of this popular sport. An extensive knowledge of the technicalities of football or soccer is not needed to be able to play successfully. Since most of the match is in a view mode, you only need to analyze the options that you are going to be given at certain parts of the game. It’s a swipe game where you’re responsible for certain plays such as assists and making a goal. Then the rest of the game is played out and you can just watch and enjoy.

If you have ever watched a game before whether on the television or in real life, and have had moments when you wished you could have kicked the ball that made the goal, then this is the game for you. It is almost like being able to warp into the game and make the crucial plays.

Score Hero currently has 420 levels, but with all the success it has been reaping, the developers will surely be adding levels that are more challenging. Score! Hero is a game that’s easy to play but takes a lot of effort to master. With the Score Hero hack though, mastering it has become less time and money consuming.

Each level starts off with your in the season where your club is playing. Your character gets to play once you’ve proven yourself to the coach. When the match begins, you see your team mates run out to the pitch and the game gets paused, this is where you join in. You get to decide the play, and choose which of your team mates you want to pass the ball to. Although options are available, it’s pretty easy to determine which one would be the best player as he is marked by a star.

Game Mechanics

The game plays out after you’ve made a decision. You can then see how your pass affects the game. The view and pass mode continues until you are ready to make a goal.

Each level has three goals that you need to complete. When you complete a goal you get a star, so you earn a maximum of three stars in each level. You get to unlock other levels with the stars that you earn. The goals become more challenging as you progress in the game. For example, level 1 requires two goals and aiming the ball at certain corners while level 2 requires two goals and an assist.

Score Hero Hack

The Score Hero cheats were developed by an unknown team of hackers who decided to make it public just know. This generator could have probably helped a lot of people when the game has launched and everyone was searching on how to hack Score Hero. But it is better that it came later than not at all. As I said before, the tool has one of most friendly user interface, anyone can use it without any problems. There is also no need for any apk modding or things like that, everything runs online, so you won’t have to make any changes to your phone.

Score Hero Format

With a game that follows the candy crush saga format, it’s amazing how much depth you can get from Score! Hero.

Score Hero also allows you to make decisions on your character’s career just like in real life. You can change clubs and represent your country. As you win more awards and trophies, your character’s career also rises to new heights. And with the right strategies, it won’t be long before you get superstar status.

One other feature that gamers enjoy so much is the fact that you can replay your winning moments. You can even share your moments of glory with friends through its link to social media platforms.

The game is quite easy to understand and doesn’t require you to spend a lot of real money in the beginning. You can earn game money or Hero Bux while playing. This will allow you to purchase additional options to make the game more exciting and competitive. This can obviously be simplified by using the Score Hero hack.

Score Hero can be intensely addicting as you live through your character’s exciting football career. It is fast paced and full of challenging goals that leave you certainly craving for more.


Score! Hero’s graphics is probably one of the best in mobile game applications. It is visually pleasing and at par with the latest game consoles available in the market. The game may be pocket size but the graphics are certainly anything but that. The details of the players and the pitch are amazing which makes the matches a delight to watch. With a strong device such as the latest iPhone and android phones, game play will definitely be an enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, Score Hero is a beautiful mobile game that does not compromise quality or game experience. It is a worthwhile download that is guaranteed to keep you entertained and challenged as you beat each level.


Access the Score! Hero hack using the button bellow or the one at the beginning of the article;

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