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Buying video games can be a little tiring job as you need to buy a different game for each member of the family. Adults have different gaming choices from the kids and the person who buys the games for the family often falls into dilemma as to what can be expected and which one is appropriate for satisfying the gaming hunger of your family. However, with little care you can buy the right games for your kids, there are many games which encourage physical activity, help children learn new things and bring all the family members together. Here are some guidelines to help you buy the right video games for your family.

  1. Use the ratings on the game pack as a guide

Many games you kid requests you to buy may not be appropriate for their age. The board for educational software rate the game based on the violence, language, the gaming activities etc. This board has a rating for each game that is sold. The ratings are like, “teens”, “mature”, “adults”, “children above 10” etc. Games should be purchased based on the age, games that are rated adult or mature contain, violence, blood, sexual content etc and should only be bought for those 18 and older. So before you buy a game check the gaming package and only buy according to the age.

  1. Let active screen time replace passive screen time

Video games make your kids to stick to the couch or sofas and use only the thumb muscles to play the game. Replace such games where your kids hardly move a muscle with games like dance revolution etc where you kids get more active, they can dance on a mat following the music and follow the beat of the game and actively work out all the muscles in the body. So they can have the fun of gaming and also exercise the body a little rather than lazily lying on the couch and only straining your eyes. There are also games which require stability and balance, play them. These games provide fun and fitness.

  1. Let your kids play educational games

It is not easy to find educational games amongst all the fun filled games. But they are not impossible to find. There are many good educational games available, you just need to search games by titles that include language, science and math development rather than looking around the store for games with specific titles. Include such games in your family’s gaming collections and take the advantage of these games that provide learning experience for your kids. Teach your kids the importance of learning outside the classroom in the form of play. Ask your kid which type of the educational games they would like to play and then next time you shop for a video game, buy one of their choice which could be a fun experience for them and also learn something from it.

  1. Include all the family members in the play

One of the best advantages with games of non-traditional interfaces is that all the family member can play together. To play tennis or bowling they can use Wiimote and Nintendo Wii. So, gaming can no longer be an isolated play activity and all the family members can join in and play together and have loads of fun.

  1. Use the expert advice

Let your children find the best game. Tell them about your guidelines and goals and ask them if you kid knows of such games. When you visit a store and are confused about buying which game is the best one, ask the store manager or sales executives as they are more experienced in these matters and they provide valuable advice and help you choose a good one.

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